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Dickolas (Dick) Polakowski

Dick is the classic hardboiled detective. In a city of a million stereotypes, Dick sets himself apart by making sure that his is the best of them all. Betrayed by his father and tossed out into the streets at the age of 5, he was left to take on life by himself. Dick recently broke the bank at the city's central casino, owned by crime boss Charlie Rodriguez and his family. Now they're after Dick for revenge. With his marriage in the toilet, his daughter's life in a twisted criminal's hands, and a contractual obligation to do a dance scene in the film, Dick has to keep it together if he wants to make it out alive.

Charlie Rodriguez

As the head of The Charlie Brothers, the city's top crime family (Voted #1 for 5 straight years in Murderers Inc. Monthly), Charlie is a hands on type of leader. Whether a simple shakedown, a bribe to the police chief, or that special homicide that tugs at the heartstrings (as well as the liver and spleen), Charlie takes pride in his work. While he has been known on occasion to nibble on the entrails of his victims, having lost his fortune, his sights are set firmly on nibbling on Dick.

Cherice Monroe

Cherice is a sexy singer who can belt out a song or a beating better than any other broad. Like Dick, she never had a father to raise her. So hoping to capitalize on a last name that screamed show-biz, Charlie took her in and put her on stage as a Charlie Girl. Once Cherice hit the legal age of consent (it's a family film!), he tried to force himself on her and she ran away. With The Charlie Brothers now hunting her down, there's only one man that could possibly save her. As sparks fly and passion is unleashed, she knows that she needs him just as much as he will need her.

Marcus Rodriguez

If Charlie is #1, then Marcus is surely #2. Fat, stupid and with a talent for sweating, Marcus is your worst nightmare. While his evil deeds have made him feared throughout the city, it has been said that simply hearing him speak has made the toughest of men cower and weep. When not killing people and hunting down Dick, Marcus enjoys late night walks on the beach, fresh-squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day, and 18th century French poetry.
After doing background work in numerous television shows and film, having a knack for writing, he came up with the title of the film as well as other aspects to the film. A brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Aaron hopes that this will be the beginning of a great working relationship with director Alex Prister.

Rachel Polakowski

As Dick's wife, Rachel is beautiful and pure, like an angel. But alas, some angels fall. The marriage between Dick and Rachel had begun to grow empty, lonely, and silent. With fighting crime his number one priority, Dick never wasn't there for Rachel. She started cheating on him and leading a double life. There were rumors of aliases like Becky Conner and Darrin Stevens. Can you blame her? Dick never gave her enough time, enough love! You know what they say about a woman scorned (and if you don't, please look it up), so now Rachel is looking to wash her hands of this washed up Dick and get some cash for herself. 

Jenny Polakowski

Jenny is Dick's daughter. She's pure, she's innocent, and she can't date "til she's 30"! Eyes back in your head, Mister! Overcompensating a bit for his lack of a father, he raised her to be strong and kick ass when necessary. Jenny is a master of knives, guns, and explosives but due to a scheduling conflict with her mom's family picnic (please don't get me started), she missed all the lessons on untying knots. She isn't afraid of any man, woman, or Charlie Brother. Her life is perpetually at risk when it comes to her father's line of work

The Charlie Brothers
      Ever since childhood, Charlie Rodriguez took the term “crime family” to heart. Charlie legally adopted all his henchmen (great tax benefits!) and formed The Charlie Brothers to help him keep the city under his control. Life, death, and a knitting circle every Thursday night, all fell under The Charlie Brothers’ domain. Charlie's Casino was their headquarters until Dick shut them down for good. With the game rigged against him, Dick triumphed in the greatest game of Old Maid since the Ladies Auxiliary Potluck Dinner of 1837. Unable to bear the taunts of children yelling “Old Maid”, they hunt down Dick to regain their money and their self-respect.