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Steve Rimpici

Steve Rimpici is an American voice actor, sales professional, writer and stand-up philosopher, who has worked for Rockstar Games and the Discovery Health Channel. He is best known as the voice of Dr. Wolfgang Wagner in the independent film, The Puppet Monster Massacre. Additionally, Steve has voiced over 100 different characters for Strobie Studios’ productions of The Watson Files, The Ark of Time and The Horror of Poe and recently narrated the hit noir zombie novel, Braineater Jones for which he was nominated for a Voice Arts Award.
Steve also portrayed Dr. Avery Frank in Pioneer One, the first television series ever to be launched and distributed over torrent sites, and was the voice of Oma in Project London, the first feature-length live action film produced with over 700 visual effects and animations created almost solely with the open source software Blender and worldwide volunteers. He is a big supporter of independent films and filmmakers and is proud to star as Dick Polakowski in BullsEye.
Steve lives in New York with his way-out-of-his-league fiancee, Jamie, a woman with the mind of Albert Einstein and the body of Marilyn Monroe, and their dogs, Sofie and Sadie. Steve also has two beautiful children: Kayla, a nationally ranked gymnast; and Jeremy, a nationally ranked Lego and Minecraft maniac (well he would be ranked if they did such a thing).

Robert Werner

Robert Werner is a 22 year-old graduate from Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. He graduated with a BA in English and a minor in Theater Arts. He has acted since High School, participating in musicals, comedies, and dramas. He has done school productions, community productions, academic productions, as well as independent projects.
He was also part of a short lived improv troupe that originated out of Jackson, New Jersey. He has done background work on Law and Order, Love Monkey, and the movie Spinning into Butter. Bullseye will be his first major role in a film production.
Robert Werner came in to audition for only 1 role, the role of Charlie Rodriguez, and it was his intention to steal that role. After seeing his brilliant, unique, and dynamic performance, Alex was eager to see him again at the second audition where Robert would perform with other actors. Although the character that Alex initially wrote and envisioned wasn't what Robert delivered, he was chosen because he delivered a performance that was more interesting, capturing and dynamic then the character in Alex's vision.

Tiffany Lloyd

Tiffany Lloyd has performed in many works both on film and in the theater. From Unspoken Dreams (Discipline FilmWorks) to Killing Mark Twain (Discipline FilmWorks). She has also performed in the NBC series, Ed. In the theater she has done amazing works such as The Wizard of Oz and Steel Magnolias. Tiffany Lloyd is not only an actor, but a voice actor, a dancer, a model, a writer, director and even an editor. She’s had extensive training at Cameron Thor, Carter Thor Studios in Los Angeles, CA, Jock MacDonald, Thor Studio East in NY, NY, and Gene Crane, Independent Study in Memphis, TN.
Tiffany's true passion if Film Noirs and the era of the 1930’s. She came to Alex Prister's audition with one goal, and that was to secure the lead female role. She is very proud of her incredible work on the film.

Aaron Liebman

With his role as Marcus in 'Bullseye', Aaron Liebman has taken the first step of achieving his childhood dream making movies. He grew up writing screenplays and acting in school plays and hopes to combine the two in the ways Billy Bob Thornton and Sylvester Stallone did.
After doing background work in numerous television shows and film, having a knack for writing, he came up with the title of the film as well as other aspects to the film. A brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Aaron hopes that this will be the beginning of a great working relationship with director Alex Prister.